April 15, 2019
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The Best Spring Hair Colors

With the change of each season comes another opportunity to revamp your style, and spring is particularly loved for its bright colors and sense of renewal. […]
March 26, 2019
Hair Color

Things You Need To Consider Before Going Blonde

Anytime you plan on adding hair color to your appearance, there are many things to consider such as the right products to choose, how your hair […]
March 18, 2019
Hair color

How To Prepare For A Hair Color Appointment

Leaving the hair salon with the exact results you entered for is a feeling we all hope to achieve with each visit. But when it comes […]
February 19, 2019
women’s haircut

How To Choose The Right Haircut – Women

Selecting the best haircut is possibly the most important conundrum of our outward appearance. We speak volumes with our hair, (no pun intended) not just to […]