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The Best Hair Extensions In 2019

The Best Hair Extensions

As each year passes, new trends break onto the fashion scene and a select few will stick around for decades to come. Most trends, of course, fade away, and that’s why we have articles like this to help you steer clear of the dead ends. In the haircare universe, there are so many applications for enhancing your appeal, and with technology continually innovating, we’d better brace ourselves for even more useful gadgets. For the extension category, certain brands have risen far above and beyond the rest, so here’s an inside look atHair Extensions Boca Raton the best of the best 2019 has to offer with regard to hair extensions.

Great Lengths

For ladies that want a luxurious yet seamless addition to their hair, Great Lengths comes in the clutch with state of the art tapes that can be easily integrated into your hair. Offering a ton of colorful schemes for different seasons, as well as traditional colors, these extensions are a wonderful choice for women seeking to thicken the appearance of their hairstyle. This special bonding treatment can be completed at Dapper & Divine hair salon in Boca Raton.


If balayage is your destination, HALOCOUTURE is our pick! Offering original and prism colors as well, HALO extensions are an incredible low-maintenance selection for those wanting to add flair to their look without committing to something super long-term. Hair Salon Boca RatonMade with real hair, these heat safe extensions are amazing at adding length with practically invisible integration. The comfortable, innovative design of HALO extensions are what keep consumers raving at Dapper & Divine hair salon in Boca Raton.

Lazerbeamer NANO

At the cusp of technological innovation lies Lazerbeamer NANO, a digital application of hair extensions that can complete the job in just 45 minutes. Utilizing a collection of hair extensions made from around the world, the nylon polymer bond used to apply the extensions is among the safest for your natural hair. These small nano bonds also match the color of your hair, allowing them to remain out of sight. Dapper & Divine currently offers these kinds of hair extensions in Boca Raton, so don’t hesitate to ask more about this exciting new trend.


While this method may not last as long as some of the others, micro-link a.k.a micro bead extensions are an awesome, customizable choice for those with thicker hair. People with thinner hair can certainly enjoy micro-links, but the hard clamping of each link during application may end up doing some damage to the strands. The method works by slipping small strands of hair through a bead-like loop that is then pinched with a metal tool. For those seeking hair extensions in Boca Raton, Dapper & Divine salon offers custom micro-link options.

In this 2019 summer season, if you’re seeking professional hair extensions in Boca Raton, look no further than Dapper & Divine. Not only do we offer consultations to help you develop your own personal style, but we also offer each of the extension services mentioned in this blog. Whether it be increasing the volume of your hair, adding flare through color, or lengthening your pre-existing waves, we have many solutions on hand to survey. Dapper & Divine hair salon in Boca Raton has stylists on hand for every kind of haircare situation, so don’t hesitate to stop by for a consultation!

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