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Type Of Highlights For Hair

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Inviting some color into your appearance has never done anyone wrong, and with so many awesome versions of highlights to try out, it’d be aBalayage Hair Color shame to stick with one look for very long. Both highlights and lowlights add a great level of vibrancy to one’s style, with both additions creating a chance to color-coordinate clothing as well. Highlights add brighter flare to an individual’s darker toned natural hair, while lowlights add a color darker than one’s natural hair. In either case, the implementation of some color generates depth that has had tastemakers obsessed for years. Let’s talk about the different kinds of highlights for hair, and what to keep in mind if you’re considering adding highlights.


This highlighting technique also referred to as “hair painting,” is a method that involves the hair stylist physically adding the designated color to each hair strand. While this method requires assistance from a professional to properly apply, it is among the most accurate of the highlight techniques because the painter can be precise. While this method can end up looking slapped on top, a newer method called “flamboyage” reduces the intensity of the standard balayage so it can appear more natural.babylights hair


On the less intense side, babylights are a highlight that can help give the appearance that your hair has been kissed by the sun. By adding extra-fine highlights, the streaks can add a huge amount of flair to any hairstyle. Because my hair is especially dark, I visit a hair salon near me to handle the application of babylights. Like most highlight applications, the hair care regimen following the addition of babylights will need to be altered to protect the new color.


One of the most visually stunning types of highlight is the ombre, which consists of a gradient-like color transition from the roots to the ends of your hair. This highlight is certainly more of a commitment, and to maintain the effect, must be reapplied as the hair grows. Nonetheless, it has been one of the most trendy highlight methods for years because it adds just so much jazz to any look. Sombre highlights, the little cousin of ombre, is a more gentle, less intense version of an ombre. When I don’t want to fully commit to new hair color, the sombre is my go-to Hair Stylistoption when visiting the hair salon near me.

Although there are so many different color variations and application methods to choose your highlights or lowlights from, you shouldn’t hesitate to experiment with a new look. By bringing in a few photo examples to the hair salon near me, I’m able to accurately convey the appearance I’m shooting for, and my hair stylist always appreciates that. When deciding which highlight technique to attempt next, you should consider the current integrity of your hair to ensure you aren’t causing excessive harm down the line. While some hair treatments can be performed at home, applying highlights requires a substantial level of skill, so it’s recommended to leave this job to the pros at Dapper & Divine. Take advantage of the wide variety of highlights with a bit of help from your hair stylist because the fun of switching your style in just one session can be infectious!

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