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Summer Hair Color Trends

Summer Hair Color Trends

The days are endless, the sun is shining, and you’re likely bikini body ready or well on the way. And of course, the crowning glory is your luscious locks. Thelazy hazy days of summer call for sun-kissed tresses or the latest in lightning to accentuate that gorgeous tan.

The best way to achieve this all-important look is by enlisting the expertise of a hair colorist. Summer hair color certainly isn’t a case of one-size-fits-all, andBoho Blonde Hair the professional salon touch will ensure the perfect results. With that in mind, we look at cutting-edge trends sported by A-listers and fashionistas alike that represent the most wanted summer hair color trends of 2019.

The Boho Blonde

For brunettes who want to embrace those sexy blonde tones, the two dimensional Boho Blonde stops one shade short of bright blonde. And to great effect! With lighter ends and darker roots, the look mimics the natural brightening effect of the sun, leaving you with a look thatappears achingly effortless, not to mention just that little bit seductively risqué.

Mallen Streak Hair Style

The Mallen Streak

The Mallen Streak is a condition whereby a cluster of hair doesn’t have any pigment, so it appears lighter or white. And with (at last) the acceptance that we’re all beautiful in our own individual way, those with naturally occurring Mallen Streaks are not only wearing them with pride but in some cases accentuating them. And we all want to copy them…

Rock the most-wanted look of the summer by bleaching a dramatic stripe of hair that showcases a stunning framing of the face.

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Honey Bronde

No, that’s not a typo. Honey Bronde falls right between a brunette and a blonde, making it the perfect choice for those of you with naturally dark pigment. The warm golden tones accentuate tanned skin and perfectly compliment bold summer clothing choices  and accessories.

Amber Slate

Combining icy blonde with delicious strawberry tones creates the flattering shades of Amber Slate. This spectacular look re-invents the classic honey blonde and looks devastatingly gorgeous on beauties of all ages.Hair Stylist

Illuminated Brunette

The sensual color tones of the Illuminated Brunette are created by hand-painting strands of hair and smudging the roots with toner close to your base color. Not only is this a wonderful summer look, but it’s so easy to maintain and the effect can last up to an amazing six months.

Get Ghosted

No… Not that kind of “ghosting”. This breathtaking look takes platinum and silver (so last year) to the next level. The clever addition of oyster white, carbon, Hair Coloristand quartz tones bring this look bang up to date, making for a sensational head-turner from each and every angle.

Sharpening your hair color this summer is such a simple way to enjoy all the benefits of a makeover. Dapper and Divine is hair salon in Boca Raton, Florida, not only utilize the latest techniques to transform your hair, but their hair colorists work with you to ensure that the shade you choose truly compliments your skin tone, style, and looks. For anyone living within traveling distance of Boca Raton and has wished they could “find a hair salon near me that actually listens,” then  Dapper and Divine really will be a dream come true.

Give them a call, and discover an individual team of hair stylists you can trust and who care about how fabulous your hair looks just as much as you do.

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