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Wedding Makeup Ideas For Brown & Hazel Eyes

Wedding Makeup Ideas For Brown & Hazel Eyes

Planning is everything, and the perfect look for that special day can never be thought about too soon. Brown-eyed beauties have a wonderful color palette to choose from when it comes to wedding makeup, such as accentuating with smoky tones or, perhaps, somewhat more “au naturel” depending on your vibe.

Even if you’re a total pro at applying your maquillage, this has to be the one day of your life where you enlist the services of a professional
makeup artist. Not only will they pamper you on the day while you sip a glass of something cold and fizzy, but can also suggest a multitude of alternative options to consider—and probably some looks that you weren’t even aware of.

Countdown to the big day

The first step is to book an appointment with your chosen artist. If you don’t already have someone in mind ask around for recommendations. If that doesn’t bring anyone you fancy to your attention, a shout out on social media is likely to bring in a multitude of endorsements.

On the first visit, be sure to take photos of what you have in mind, and, naturally, the artist should provide images of previous wedding makeup done in the past. And it goes without saying that once you’ve decided on the look, a trial run to check it’s all you’ve dreamed of is essential.

Cat eye makeup

Flatter those browns

One of the great things about having brown or hazel eyes is that you have so much choice when it comes to self-expression. The following are just a few of the great styles a dark-eyed beauty can totally rock:


Cat eyes:

Make Up Salon

Bold and flattering, this clever look can be adapted for all eye shapes and be as subtle or dramatic as you dare.


Metallic shimmer: 

Copper and bronze aren’t popular shades for nothing—they’re hugely complementary colors for all looks and facial shapes. Ask your makeup artist to experiment with different combinations, such as a bright gold eyeliner or highlighting the inner corner of the eye.

Wedding Makeup


Bare and beautiful:

No, we’re not advocating a naturalist wedding (unless that’s your thing, of course—we’re not ones to judge). We’re talking more along the lines of a “barely there” makeup feel. Neutral eye shades, long lashes, and subtle cheekbones make for a deliciously up to date look… And when done right is truly a gorgeous option.

Smokey and seductive:

A talented makeup artist will marry deeper and lighter shades that create a wonderful bright-eyed appearance.Wedding Makeup Artist


Deep eyes perfectly compliment a bold lip look. Be it bold red or a darker tone, such an appearance can generate the perfect look for your extra special day.



This is just a smattering of the options that a makeup salon or artist can help you choose from. Boca Raton based hair and makeup studio, Dapper & Divine, has been making brides’ dreams become a reality for many years. For anyone living in the city or surrounding area, the search for a makeup artist near where you live stops at their door, with a professional and talented team who don’t simply apply makeup, they embrace the whole journey. They know exactly how important it is to get it spot on and work with you to ensure that “to die for” visage for what really is the best day of any girl’s life.

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