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Trendy Shaved Side Hairstyles For Men

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There’s so much creativity that can be implemented into a haircut, and in recent years, the styles that have come to fruition in men’s hair have been quite impressive. History holds a road map to combine and experiment with different cuts from the past, but Mens Hair Salonsometimes it’s a radical switch that stands out to cause a massive trend. It’s hard to say who did it first, but the advent of shaved sides has taken both women and mens hair salons by storm. The reason people seem to love the shaved side(s) hairstyle is that you can customize different designs in the shaved portion while using a product on your remaining strands to achieve another effect. In any case, there are many different combinations of styles to experiment with, so let’s take a gander at some of the more prevalent shaved hairstyles.

Mid-Bald Fade/ Spiked Hair

With a fade applied about midway down the head, you can appear clean-cut and maintain the style with an easy shape up. Hair SalonTypically chosen by younger fellas, the spiked hair on top is a popular choice which adds volume and flair. When you visit a men’s hair salon, ask your hair stylist about other methods than spiked hair to tone down the radical.

Crop Top/ High Fade/ Line Up

The moment you make your fades higher, the more focus will be directed toward your hair and line up. Line ups are a wonderful way to add a bit of personality by designating how sharp or curved your edges are. As for the crop top, it’s an easy solution to hair management for men that can be customized once mens hair stylist near me the hair grows out more.

Man Bun/ Shaved Sides

While man buns have gotten some backlash over the past few years for being too “hipster”, there’s no question; the ladies love them. This more artistic style is arguably the best decision for those with longer hair attempting to implement the shaved sides. It’s easy to set up with or without a mirror and creates a high level of contrast.

Slick Back/ Shaved Sides/ DesignHair Salon Men

For those with tattoos on their head or neck, the shaved sides are a must because they allow you to show off your artwork. The slick back is a massively popular style in Europe, and it enables the wearer to add designs if wanted. Hair stylists at your hair salon for men can surely help determine which kinds of notches or designs will look best for you.

Getting Dapper

Most men stick with their hairstyles for so long that they can be a bit hesitant to attempt a new appearance. If this sounds like you, don’t fear! Simply bring in a few photo examples of the look you’re shooting for next time you visit Dapper & Divine so that our talented hair stylists have the inspiration to work from. Located in Boca Raton, we’ve helped patrons achieve each of the styles above, plus many more different shaved side styles for men. These are just a few examples of the many trending haircuts that Dapper & Divine have in our repertoire, so don’t hesitate to ask our hair stylists which styles can be mixed.

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