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July 12, 2019
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Do Blondes Have More Fun? Best blonde Color Shades

Best blonde Color Shades

Do Blondes Have More Fun? Best blonde Color Shades

OK, guys and gals… Fancy living life on the bright side of the road for a while? Going a few (or multiple) shades lighter creates a whole new vibe: a great way to carry off a stunning image makeover.

But then… What about the horror stories? Hair going green, breaking, those awful brassy tones…? Such scenarios do happen, but it’s important to realize they generally occur due to failed preparation, and from rookie DIY mistakes.

So… How to do-the-do without ruining your crowning glory? Let’s take a look at the “must-follow” steps that ensure you’ll be rocking the blonde life in next to no time…

Successful blondes follow the unwritten “rules”

Dark Blonde

Before you recklessly start painting on the peroxide, it’s really important to take a little while to consider the following:

  • What image do you want? Simply sun-kissed? A corn colored mane? The brightest tresses of platinum? It’s to understand how you envisage the end result, and whether you’re going for subtle highlights or desire an “in your face” blonde bombshell look.
  • What’s your skin tone? Light, medium, or dark all have a dramatic impact on the shade of blonde that’ll best suit yourcomplexion. 
  • And your eyes? Yep, the color of your eyes has a big impact on the shade of blonde that works best.

Many follow the precedent of only going a couple of shades lighter than their natural color. But hey! There’s nothing to say that you can’t rip up that particular rulebook and go way, way lighter—with the proviso of some careful preparation. And for that, it’s always (yes, always!) best to take professional advice.

medium blonde

The three shades of blonde

When it comes to shade there are three broad categories of blonde to choose from:

  • The lighter shades of dark: AKA dark blonde. These include Bronde (brownish blonde), cherry, caramel, chestnut,dark reddish, and even black! The latter being a dramatic contrast between black and blonde.
  • Hedge your bets with a medium blonde: Honey, ash, dirty, copper, sandy, auburn…. These shades provide abeautifully natural look that’s multidimensional and often created with balayage highlights.
  • Trip the (bright) light fantastic: From beige to strawberry, ash to the daring platinum and silver, lightblonde shades are the ultimate look many strive to achieve.Platinum Blonde Hair Color

Take time to choose your new blonde shade. While there are many home coloring options, it’s worth finding an expert hair colorist who genuinely listens to what you want to achieve and can bring the dream to reality. Such a professional will also be truly grateful if you bring a photo along of the look you’ve set your heart on. As the saying goes, “A picture speaks a thousand words…”

A top tip when trying to locate this legendary person is not to simply type “hair salon near me” into Google, which is akin to Russian roulette. The very best of hair salons are usually independent, boutique affairs that live on their reputation. A great example is Dapper and Divine in Boca Raton, FL, where the master team is on a mission to make the hair of their customers not only their crowning glory but also to provide expert advice on the best look possible as well as how to keep their tresses in the very best of condition.

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