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Top 5 Salon Products to Revitalize Your Hair in 2023

Top 5 Salon Products to Revitalize Your Hair in 2023

The focus on hair repair and rejuvenation during the lockdown has driven the hair care industry to develop new products that cater to the ongoing demand for healthier hair. Nourishing ingredients that are usually found in skin care essentials are now part of scalp and hair nourishment routines. Below are the top five products that beauty specialists predict will fill bathroom cabinets and salons this 2023.

  • Scalp exfoliators

Scalp pH imbalance causes nearly all hair problems, from dandruff to limp or dry strands and hair loss. Like exfoliators on your face, scalp scrubs are thick and grainy formulations that help remove the daily grime, sebum, dead skin, dandruff flakes, and product residue such as dry shampoo or gel that settle and build up on follicles. Scrubs can also hydrate dry scalps and soothe itchy ones. Moreover, the massaging motion during application improves blood circulation, promoting healthy hair growth. Investing in a scalp massager brush can also help you achieve the best exfoliating experience.

Dermatologists suggest using formulas containing beta hydroxy acid (BHA), such as salicylic acid, or alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), like lactic acid. Hyaluronic acid is another recommended product, particularly for dry scalps. Unlike BHAs or AHAs, this acid is a natural humectant, allowing it to hold water and restore moisture to your scalp.

You can schedule applications—whether leave-in to reduce inflammation or before your usual wash routine—every two weeks or once weekly if you use more hair products. But remember that overdoing it may cause inflammation. 

  • Damage repair products (bond builders)

The keratin or polypeptide chains, which are held together by disulfide bonds, make up the inner structure of your hair strands. Responsible for your hair’s elasticity and strength, these linkages can break due to bleaching or excessive heat styling. 

Bond builders (or rebuilders) are protein-rich products that reconnect these broken bonds. Organic compounds such as malic, citric, and maleic acid—the last of which is an ingredient in Olaplex—also strengthen bonds.

Hairstylists have long used these after chemical treatments such as perms, straightening, and Brazilian blowouts. With continued use, bonders make your hair less prone to breakage. They also reduce frizz and split ends.

Consult a professional stylist to learn how often you should apply these to your hair because overuse can weaken and damage your hair.

  • Hair growers 

Aging, pregnancy, stress, hair dyes, or diseases, such as alopecia areata, can cause hair thinning and hair loss. The Food and Drug Administration recognizes and approves Minoxidil for stimulating hair follicles and encouraging growth. The market for rosemary oil-infused solutions is also expanding. Some trichologists (or specialists in hair and scalp problems) also recommend looking for ingredients with antioxidant properties such as ginger root, basil leaf, and red leaf clover. However, it’s best to first visit a dermatologist to determine if there’s an underlying condition for your thinning hair.

  • Straighteners and curlers that lower heat exposure on hair

New hair straighteners feature metal plates and heat settings that reduce hair damage. For example, Dyson’s cord-free Corrale hair straightener claims to reduce possible heat damage by half with its manganese copper alloy plates. The plates flex as they gather your hair, resulting in less thermal exposure as the strands pass through the plates. Other straighteners like hur.iron feature 30-degree angled plates that help you get closer to the roots more easily. Meanwhile, Diva Pro Styling Wand‘s tapered barrel has keratin, argan oil, and macadamia oil coating for better styling control.

  • Lightweight hair dryers

Stylists recommend picking the appropriate hair dryer for your hair type before searching for lightweight tools. For example, traditional blow dryers work best for fine hair that needs more volume. Meanwhile, ionic dryers neutralize static charges and tighten the cuticle of frizz-prone hair for a sleek and smooth finish.

Lightweight hair dryers like Elchim 8th Sense Run, GHD Helios, and Pattern are easier to manage while styling and holding a brush in your other hand.


Let Our Stylists Guide You through Better Hair Care

Dapper & Divine‘s seasoned stylists have the training and experience to help you achieve your hair care goals, whether at the men’s or ladies’ hair studio. Their insights on the suitable style for your hair type can help you plan the tools or products you must incorporate into your hair routine. Contact us today to book a hair trim or other treatment.

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