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June 30, 2023
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How to prevent hair for tangling

How to Prevent Hair from Tangling

Tangled hair… Arrrgh—it’s such a bind. But is there anything you can do to stop it happening? Happily, the answer is yes. From specialist products to keeping your tresses in the best condition possible, there’s a whole lot you can do to ensure that your crowning glory falls unencumbered from your scalp.

There’s also a bunch of maintenance tips that’ll help further (and we’re pretty sure that at least one of them will come as a big surprise…)

4 Tangle Tips for Short, Medium, and Long Hair

  • How to prevent hair from tangling: tip 1
  • How to prevent hair from tangling: tip 2
  • How to prevent hair from tangling: tip 3
  • How to prevent hair from tangling: tip 4

How to prevent hair from tangling: tip 1

While many people think that tangles only affect those with long hair, this certainly isn’t the case. Even those with shorter locks (and especially those with very fine tresses) can also be plagued by them.

Whatever length your hair might be, the biggest issue with tangles is that they make it very easy to cause damage to the hair. Therefore, the first tip is all about reducing that risk.

This means:

  • Never try to comb a tangle from above: you should only ever gently tease it from below. 
  • Use the right type of brush and comb: the latter should always be wide-toothed. You’ll need a range of brushes for styling. At the very least you should own a large round one for gentle drying and a paddle brush for general use—these are great for distributing the natural oils along the hair shaft.
  • Protect your hair: use a hat or scarf to shield it from the wind and/or sun. Wear a swimming hat when you’re in the pool and, very importantly, think about what you sleep on. Cotton pillowcases are one of the biggest culprits of overnight tangles. Try swapping to silk ones (yes, very decadent) and you’ll immediately notice the difference.

How to prevent hair from tangling: tip 2

Take care when washing. Doing the following will help prevent any nasty snarls from occurring as you lather up:

  • Brush your hair before you wash: this means you start the process knot-free and reduces the chances of them forming as you shampoo.
  • Use a high-quality conditioner: and make sure you work it all through the hair and massage it into the ends. Use a wide-toothed comb to ensure even distribution—but remember to start from the ends and work upwards. 
  • Use gentle drying techniques: pat it dry with a soft towel—there should be no rough rubbing. Don’t wrap your hair up in a tight towel turban, this can also cause damage and tangles.
  • Embrace the power of sealant: After you’ve patted your hair dry, use a sealant on the ends. It’s an effective way of stopping the hair ends from matting or twisting together.

How to prevent hair from tangling: tip 3

Look after your hair when you exercise. Going for a run? Hitting the gym? Churning some laps or whatever sport is your bag… Put your hair into a loose bun or low ponytail. This will help prevent too much hair swing that’s a leading cause of tangles.

How to prevent hair from tangling: tip 4

Keep your hair in great condition. Tangles are far more common in dry, brittle hair. If you only take one thing away, it should be this. Some of the key rules to great conditioned hair are:

  • Brush your hair daily (and more, if possible).
  • Use great quality hair products.
  • Ease up on the heat styling.
  • Don’t use harsh color products.
  • Partner with a great stylist and visit them regularly.

Another top tip for improving the condition of your hair and helping to stop it from snagging after washing is to… brace yourself… finish your hair wash with a minute or so blast of cold water. This flattens the cuticles and helps them dry more smoothly, leading to less risk of those dreaded tangles occurring…

Dapper & Divine Hair Care will Help Decrease Your Hair Tangle Woes

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This expertise is pivotal in preventing unnecessary tangles—as we’ve learned, hair in poor condition is far more prone to the problem.

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