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5 Hairstyles for Spring 2023 to Look Fresh and Fabulous

Spring is here, and with the fresh scent of flowers and shaking off the winter dampness comes the urge to bloom into something new for the season. Where better to start than by getting yourself an all-new hairdo?

While hairstyles this season generally don’t get as wild as the ones later in the year (looking at you, summer and your ever-youthful styles), there’s still a lot of room to experiment with new looks. If all else fails, you can always turn on the TV and check social media to see who’s wearing what.

Interested? Here are our picks for spring 2023 hair trends that you should consider trying out.

1) The Textured Shag Cut

If you want a look that you can easily wear right out of the salon, opt for the textured shag cut. It’s a versatile look that you can layer into wispy, feather-like ends, spiky tips, soft tresses, or the ever-classic “I just got out of bed, but I’m feeling amazing anyway.”

There’s also the option to do plenty of layers and lean into the volume that this hairstyle provides. Because it works equally well on thin and thick hair, you can give your hair that much-needed pop to revitalize your overall look.

2) The Slicked-Back Back-Length

One particular standout style that’s making a comeback is the retro slicked-back hair. It’s a particularly strong hairstyle that can really bring out your facial features and works exceptionally well on thin hair.

You’ll need good styling products (and plenty of hydrating serum) for your hair to achieve this classic look, which means working with your stylist to get the ideal layering best for you and a routine to follow to maintain it. 

3) The Blowout

Continuing on the retro trend, blowout hair has also made a comeback. We have access to better hair care products now than in its heyday, but it’s still a hairdo that takes some time and commitment to maintain. 

What makes this hairstyle tricky is that it’s best styled with dry hair, which can be a nightmare to maintain if you don’t know how to do it properly. However, if done well—you’ll be sure to look like a bombshell that stepped right out of a pin-up cover, and with twice the confidence.

4) The Chin-Length Bob

Feeling a little bold? Try the chin-length bob for size. This clean yet versatile look gives you the freedom of having shorter, easier-to-maintain hair without having to commit to a full pixie cut. It works well with thick and thin hair, bangs or no bangs, and works with almost any wardrobe.

Our advice is that you commit to a bob that frames your face well, and don’t be afraid to get creative with waves. A soft, almost shaggy bob cut is a good mix of casual and contrived. As a bonus, it’s also one of the few haircuts that you can genuinely just roll out of bed with and still look great!

5) The Shullet

The shullet (or the octopus cut) is another hairstyle that’s gaining popularity, and honestly, what’s not to love? It’s a low-maintenance look that still manages to strike balance between the “don’t care” and “okay, maybe I do care a little bit” attitude that defined the early to mid-2000s.

It’s particularly fitting with naturally wavy and curly hair since you get that much-needed texture and just a little bit more volume. You don’t even have to do that much maintenance yourself. Despite how it fits waves and curls, even those with straight hair can also get in the fun—all you need is a little layering and some tousling, and you can get that classic, edgy vibe without too much work.

Looking For a New Look?

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