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How To Find A Good Hair Stylist Near Me

Good Hair Stylist Near Me

How To Find A Good Hair Stylist Near Me

Every girl (and guy) knows that a relationship with a great hair stylist is something to treasure. But for too many of us, finding that special someone with whom to strike up such a trusted partnership is often a long and frustrating journey. 

How to find a good hair stylist near me is an oft-Googled phrase, and is tantamount to how many people are either not happy with their current provider or, perhaps, have moved areas and need to seek that perfect connection.

The following are top tips as to how to make the right choice of hair stylist, thus ensuring that you only entrust your precious locks to someone who’s at the top of their game.

How to Find a Good Hair Stylist Near Me: The must do’s…

  •     How to find a good hair stylist near me: the search
  •     How to find a good hair stylist near me: questions to ask
  •     How to find a good hair stylist near me: everything else

How to find a good hair stylist near me: the search

OK, so searching online might be considered a good start. But before you do that, take a moment to consider the quaint old-fashioned way of finding a supplier of anything—that of word of mouth.

Ask everyone you know (especially if they have to-die-for hair). A recommendation from someone you trust is worth a hundred online reviews (as they can easily be manipulated). If you’ve just moved to a new area and don’t know anyone then take advantage of any casual acquaintance or meeting—after all, who doesn’t like being complimented on their gorgeous hair and will be happy to tell you who’s responsible?

The next step is to search online, but remember that many images are photoshopped, so take any you see on websites and social media with a degree of suspicion. Sure, take note of reviews (the more there are, the better), but again be sensible and don’t consider them the be-all and end-all. Not only can they be doctored to make a salon seem better than it is, a competitor or disgruntled ex-employee (for example) can also sabotage review pages.

How to find a good hair stylist near me: questions to ask

Once you’ve narrowed down your selection then it’s time to ‘interview’ your chosen salons. Ask about staff training, qualifications, their consultation process, and, very importantly, what’s their approach should a haircut or color go drastically wrong.

Any reputable salon will be happy to answer such questions. So, if you’re met with a less than favorable attitude then it’s time to look elsewhere. 

How to find a good hair stylist near me: everything else

Many good salons and stylists offer free initial consultations. These are best carried out well before an appointment is booked. As well as talking about what you want, be ready for your stylist to manage your expectations. After all, you’re employing their expertise in what’s possible to enhance both your vibe and the health of your hair. For example, some color changes might not be possible in one go, or perhaps the style you’ve chosen might not be best suited for your coloring/face shape/type of hair, etc.

Boca Raton Residents Looking for a Hair Stylist Near Me 

For those living in (and in easy reach of) Boca Raton, one salon that should be on your short-list is the boutique wonder that is Dapper & Divine. Offering stylists who boast the ultimate in training and qualifications, a funky environment, and a customer-focused attitude to create styles that are as formal or wild as you dare, they offer hair expertise that is truly on another level.

But don’t just take our word for it. Visit to find out the art of the possible and give their friendly team a call to book your initial consultation now.

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