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How To Find A Good Hair Stylist Near Me
June 24, 2020
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July 24, 2020
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How to Find a Men’s Hair Salon for the Best Haircut Experience

mens haircut near me

mens haircut near me

How to Find a Men’s Hair Salon for the Best Haircut Experience

Barbers and men’s hairstylists are becoming more versatile than ever before. A growing number of barbers now cut and style long hair according to the trends of the season. Meanwhile, more stylists have started adding classic, short haircuts to their repertoire.

Salon or Barbershop?

How do you decide whether you should go to a barbershop or a men’s hair salon? Although it all boils down to the quality of service either one will provide, there are two main factors to consider when getting a haircut: 

Your desired hairstyle

If you want a short and simple hairstyle that’s easy to maintain, such as a military-style cut, buzzcut, flattop, or fade, going to a barber is the best choice. But if you want to keep your hair long, get a trendier look, or need coloring services, then go to a stylist. While barbers can also dye your hair, stylists are the experts when it comes to making it look natural.

Your desired experience

Only a barbershop can offer hot lather face shaves. Meanwhile, salons offer manicures, pedicures, as well as eyebrow and back waxing. You’ll also find more styling products at a salon. Both barbershops and salons now offer clients drinks of their choice, although this privilege was exclusive to high-end salon clients in the past.

How Do I Find the Best Men’s Haircut Near Me?


You can search for men’s hair salons around your area using Google Search, Yelp, online business directories, and social media. Then check out samples of their work on their website or official social platforms. Read customer reviews or ask family and friends if they’ve already gotten a haircut from the establishment.

However, nothing beats making a call and asking questions directly. Ask the salon if it specializes in men’s haircuts, how much experience their stylists have on average, and how they go about doing the haircut. 

You can also personally ask people where they had their haircut, especially if you find someone sporting a style that’s just like what you’re after. 


Now that you’ve answered the question “Where is the best men’s haircut near me?” it’s time to make a personal visit and note the following to see if the establishment and stylist are right for you:

  • Cleanliness

You’ll want your hair handled at a salon that keeps its interiors clean and tidy from the chairs to the counters and floors. 

Professional establishments regularly disinfect, sanitize, and sterilize their combs, scissors, and other tools.

The hair products that they use—shampoos, hair dye, straightening gel, and so on—are also worth checking.

  • Stylists
    • Check their grooming. Do they keep their hair in great shape?
    • Look for one who listens well but also exudes confidence. Are they open to your ideas but also confident enough to guide you through your hairstyle choice?
    • See if they allocate sufficient time for their jobs or rush through them. Proficient stylists would spend 30 minutes to an hour to complete a haircut, depending on its complexity.
    • Observe if they ask for feedback. Competent stylists aren’t afraid to ask you if they’re achieving the look you aim to have once you’ve agreed on what suits your kind of hair and face shape.
  • Services offered

Since you’re at the location, know all the other services that this men’s hair salon offers. Some establishments do jobs done at barbershops like mustache trims and beard neckline trimming. Some offer special services like gray blending (salt-and-pepper look) or braids, French twists, and chignon for special occasions.

Communicating What You Want

Your visit is the best time to express what kind of look you want to achieve and ask if the salon’s stylists can make it a reality. Be open to their expertise. If they can’t do it for you, research some more if you believe a different salon can do the job. 

When you finally decide to book a haircut with a salon, have a copy of the picture with your preferred haircut. Be sure about what you want, including the image you want to project with your hairstyle, and communicate this with your stylist. At the same time, stay receptive to learning what your hair type and texture would and wouldn’t be able to support.

However, if what you’re after is only a trim, be specific about how short you want it to be. Tell your stylist the kind of top, back, and side finish you wish to have, including for your sideburns. Meanwhile, if you have long hair, point to your chest, shoulders, or another physical landmark to indicate how short you want to go. 

Feel Good While We Make You Look Perfect 

Here at Dapper & Divine’s Gentleman’s Hair Studio, you’ll enjoy the best of both worlds as we combine luxury barbershop ambiance with our array of salon services.

Our highly trained stylists cut both adults’ and boys’ hair so you can make your visit to our salon a family affair. 

Book with us now or check out our website to learn more about our services. See you soon!

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