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Help! How To Repair Color Damaged Hair

There’s not many out there who can resist the lure of the perfect hair color. Whether it’s a sexy balayage, subtle highlights, or an in-your-face complete change of direction, bleachin’ up the vibe is an instant way to boost self-esteem.

Unless that is, it goes wrong. Which is, sadly, often the result of DIY efforts.

The thing is, changing the color you were born with is a highly skilled art. Yes, store-bought hair dyes are available in all the colors of the rainbow. But that doesn’t mean that they’re good for your hair. Such options cause damage pretty much every time you use them. That’s why hair salons such as Boca Raton-based hair salon, Dapper & Divine, are often the first port of call when color damage becomes apparent. This can be a sudden, hands-up-in-the-air-screaming event, or one that happens over time.

Thankfully, there are some remedies for repairing color damaged hair.

Hair Dye Disaster Remedies

The issue with hair dye is that it not only leaches the moisture from the hair shaft but can actively cause irreversible damage to the structure as well. Locks that were once silky smooth can become coarse in a single treatment, leaving your tresses brittle and liable to breakage. And if you attempt a full-on home makeover, such as going platinum or one of the in-vogue pastel shades, this can genuinely be a recipe for disaster.

Home-based remedies to such damage include the use of olive oil treatments, using various color-specific shampoos and conditioners, and intense moisture drenching treatments.

Bleach Baby Blues

As if damage from lightening or darkening by a few shades wasn’t enough, this is intensified ten-fold when it comes to the damage from bleach. Such effects can be permanent (at least until the regrowth comes through), as bleach penetrates the whole hair shaft, removing the pigment, leaving it porous and fragile.

Almond oil treatments and leave-in conditioning products can help with bleach damaged hair. But the key take-away from this is that when it comes to bleach, don’t do it yourself!

Go-pro: The Key To Non-damaging Color TreatmentsHair Salon That Colors Hair

The services of a hair color specialist are truly indispensable. Stylists at the best salons are highly qualified and skilled, taking responsibility for their ongoing training and knowledge of the latest in hair and color design. Dapper & Divine can not only fix a color disaster without any further damage but also advise and carry out a regular plan that’ll keep your hair vibrant AND ensure any damage is gently improved along the way.

If you’re planning on going lighter, then a professional service is a must, not only to get the right result but also for the long-term health of your hair. After all, you use such a service for the ultimate haircut, so it makes sense to trust the experts when it comes to a color process that, if done wrong, will need more than simply covering it with a hat until you can get to the salon…

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