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December 31, 2019
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What Color Should You Dye Your Hair?

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Advice From A Hair Color Specialist

The ideal color for your hair depends on many factors, not least your skin tone, features, and—of course—your personality. When choosing a shade that’ll suit your vibe there’s much to take into consideration. Hair experts, Dapper & Divine, take a look at the most important factors.


What’s Your Style?

  •     Introvert? Extrovert?
  •     In-your-face statement or subtle elegance?
  •     High or low maintenance?


Introvert? Extrovert?

Your personality will greatly influence your choice of hair color. Extroverts might be happy to go for big changes to their natural shade, whereas those who’re more introverted often prefer something more subtle. Of course, altering your shade more than a couple of levels from your natural color demands a professional approach, and certainly isn’t something you should attempt at home.


In-your-face Statement Or Subtle Elegance?

Consider what you require the result to be. Do you want your hair to be the major statement of your look? Or is your aim one of naturally accentuating what Mother Nature gave you? 


High Or Low Maintenance?

Certain shades require far more frequent touch-ups than others. Going dramatically lighter or darker will require more maintenance than gentle shading. It’s important to discuss this with your hairstylist before making your final color choice.


Determine Your Skin Tone And Consider Your Features

  •     Cool or warm?
  •     Accentuate your natural assets


Cool Or Warm?

Whether your skin tone is naturally light, dark, or something in between will have a direct bearing on colors that’ll best suit. One method to determine if your base tone is cool or warm is to consider whether gold or silver jewelry looks best on you. Gals (and guys) who rock silver have cooler undertones. Those for who gold stands out have warm tones. 

And if they both look great? Well, lucky you… It means your natural tone is pretty neutral, giving you a wider choice of color shades that you can choose for your hair.

Check out this online quiz to help you discover your natural skin tone.


Accentuate Your Natural Assets 

Being as your hair provides the frame that displays your face, both style and color can be used to draw attention to your finest features. This is best determined with the assistance of a professional hair color specialist, meaning you benefit from their impartial advice as well as their expertise.


Choosing The Best Hair Salon For Women (And Men) 

The rule of thumb from most hair color experts is that the ultimate color choice is one that’s the opposite of your natural tone. Leading Boca Raton hair salon, Dapper & Divine’s colorists work with their clients to not only select a hair color that follows the “rules”, but that’s also perfectly in tune with your style and vibe. 

With one of Dapper & Divine’s expert stylists on your side, you’re guaranteed to be the sassiest chick in town, not to mention receiving the very latest in all aspects of hair techniques. Plus you’ll also get the lowdown on keeping your locks in the very best condition. 

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