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How To Take Care Of Your Hair After A Color Treatment

Color treated hair

Who doesn’t love that “just left the salon” look of colored hair? Of course, we all know it fades with time, but did you know that there are loads you can do to retain those beautiful tones for as long as possible?

A few careful steps will ensure that your tresses remain gorgeously vibrant between treatments. So let’s take a look at what they are…

  • Don’t rush to wash: Your stylist has gone to great lengths to get the shade just right, and no doubt dried, straightened, and teased your crowning glory to perfection. So don’t go washing it too quickly—wait at least 72 hours before doing so. The reason why? Because when color is applied it opens the fragile cuticle of each hair, and this takes a while to fully close. Shampooing it too soon washes the pigment away, meaning less time for it to fully penetrate the cuticle and a much faster fade.
  • Wash your hair in cooler water: When you do wash, make the water as cool as you can bear. Heat encourages the cuticle to re-open, which once again means the color can get washed away. The best option is to shampoo and condition with slightly warm water and then rinse with cooler, so allowing the products to penetrate before the cold helps to reseal the color back into each hair. Now, while we’re on the subject of shampoo and conditioner…
  • Ensure yours is sulfatefree: Sulfates are what makes your shampoo lather. While this might feel nice, it’s harsh on the hair, and color especially, stripping it away super-fast. There are loads of sulfate-free products on the market, so choose with care to keep that color longevity.
  • Don’t wash your hair every day: Not only will this help the color remain true, but it’s also better for your hair as you’re not washing away all the natural oils. 2-3 times a week for washing is ideal.
  • Use quality leave-in treatments: Ask your stylist what is the best hydrating leave-in product you can use when styling. Coloring naturally dries the hair, so it needs a little TLC to remain in the best condition, not to mention UV protection so the sun doesn’t fade those shades. Of course, you always use a heat protector before drying or styling, don’t you? This is a must-do, and applies even for hair that’s not colored…

Other tips that you might want to consider include adding a dye to your conditioner (especially if you have a bright shade of purple, pink or blue), using a color-safe dry shampoo between washes, wear a swim cap if you use the pool (to protect from chlorine), and get your hair trimmed regularly, as the ends always fade faster due to their age.

Chat with your hair stylist as to recommendations for the best products, how often to have your color revamped, and other ways to care for your color-treated hair. For those in easy reach of Boca Raton, Dapper & Divine is the ultimate hair salon in the region and the go-to location for those who appreciate the quality and talents of their stylists. Rocking the perfect look takes time and effort, and these guys certainly know how to deliver…

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