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Top Three Spring Hair Styles for 2022

spring hair styles

spring hair styles

Top Three Spring Hair Styles for 2022

Spring and change go hand in hand. There’s a reason why this is the season for spring cleaning and wardrobe makeovers. Springtime brings about new beginnings, and one of our favorite ways to welcome this season is with new spring hair styles.

The arrival of spring brings with it a flurry of fresh haircuts that are familiar and new at the same time. Style-wise, going back in time will be all the rage: ’90s-inspired hairstyles, such as flipped-out tips, swoopy updos, and even mohawks, will run the show again. Lots of layering, air-dried texture, and tons of fringes are all part of the look. We’ll see a return to the popular styles and cuts before Y2K, but now with a modern touch. 

Before you book your next hair appointment, here are three of the top spring hair styles you need to check out.

The Bixie

Merge a pixie haircut with a bob, and you’ll have a bixie. Back in the 90s, the bixie grew famous for its unique style and edgy look. Today, the cut has evolved and polished. Modern bixie is cut with a shaggy bob and layers for more texture and a fuller dimension.

If you already have a short haircut, the bixie will offer your hairdo a more contemporary feel and edgier look. Smooth your hair back with a bit of flip at the neck to style a bixie. Hair products can also be used to make the layers spiky. Before going out, softly tousle your hair for a barely-styled look.

The Classic Bob

The classic bob is called such because it’s a hair industry staple and a constant for any time of the year. There’s no season that a classic bob isn’t fashionable. But it’s a style that is more elevated and seen during springtime.

This spring, the classic bob will become shorter and sharper. What makes a bob haircut a favorite style of many is its versatility. You can style your bob sleek to accentuate your hair’s texture. This can also add volume to your hair. Alternatively, you can also part your bob in the middle. Your hairstylist can also add micro fringes for a more androgynous style.

A classic bob requires maintenance and upkeep. Your hair ends must always be healthy and the tips clean-cut.

The Curly Fringe

Play up your natural curls with a short fringe for a fresh style this season. Bangs can bring attention to your natural curls while also highlighting your cheekbones. Curly fringe complements any wavy hair because it keeps shape and texture. More so, if you ask your hairdresser to gather your curls by cluster and trim them individually. Each little snip will naturally curl your tresses the way they’re supposed to be.

When asking for a fringe cut, consult with your hairdresser first. Curly hair shrinks, so have them clip your hair while it’s still dry. If your hair strands are thin, you will need more locks to form the fringe. If you have thick locks, you won’t require as much, but the style will affect the rest of your hair and how you style it.

When the cut on the curly fringe is done correctly, there’s almost no maintenance required after the cut. But long curly hair can quickly get dry, so it’s best to apply hair moisturizer to keep your locks healthy.

What Truly Matters: Consult with Your Hairdresser

The three spring hair styles listed above are only a handful of the most popular in the business right now. Rather than focusing on the shape of your face, find a feature that you want to enhance or accentuate. 

Make an appointment with a professional, and do not hesitate to ask questions. You don’t want to be stuck with a haircut you don’t like. Finding the best spring hairstyle for you is about more than just vanity; self-love and self-care. You and your stylist can devise a plan based on all considerations like your lifestyle and habit. Together, you can ensure that your hair session is a good experience that celebrates you, which is what truly matters at the end of the day.

Get the Best Spring Hair Style with Dapper and Divine Studio

With springtime, it’s out with the old and in with the new. Do some spring cleaning around the house, update your wardrobe, and get a new hairdo for the season. Consulting with a hair specialist is one way to ensure that your tresses are in excellent health. 

And when it comes to expertise, Dapper and Divine’s Ladies Hair Studio is the name you can trust. We have extensive experience with all types of hair and hairstyles. We’ll gladly work with you to ensure you leave our studio feeling better and happier than when you arrived. Schedule an appointment with us now to flaunt your new ‘do right away.

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