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The Ultimate Guide for Bright Blonde

hair color trends

hair color trends

The Ultimate Guide for Bright Blonde

If you’re thinking about rocking the bright blonde look but scared you’d end up killing your hair, you have nothing to worry about. With the right tools and the proper guidance of a professional stylist, you will be ready to turn heads with your bright blonde hair.

How to Maintain Bright Blonde Hair

Here’s everything you need to know about maintaining bright blonde hair. 

Wash your hair less.

When your hair is lightened, it typically becomes brittle and dry. We recommend washing your hair only one to three times a week so that you can reap the benefits of your hair’s natural oils. You can always use a good dry shampoo in between showers to make sure that your hair and scalp are clean.

Use purple shampoo.

On the days you do wash your hair, make sure you are using the right shampoo. For bright blonde hair, it is ideal to use a purple shampoo. Purple shampoos are designed to neutralize brassy tones using purple pigments. This type of shampoo tones the hair and maintains that perfect blonde color.

Use a hair mask.

Overly colored and bleached hair may lead to dryness and hair damage. To remedy this, you can try applying a hair mask, particularly one that provides toning treatment, protein treatment, and moisture. This way, you’re covering all your bases to keep your blonde hair looking as good as day one.

Avoid hard water.

Water is considered hard when it has a high mineral content that causes it to leave a film afterward. When you shower with hard water, it often damages the hair by making it difficult for moisture to penetrate it. This can eventually lead to breakage, hair loss, thinness of hair, and a dry scalp. The great thing is that you can easily buy a water softener shower head filter to avoid this.

Avoid overheating your hair.

We all know that heat damages the hair. It also causes the color to fade faster and makes the hair more fragile and prone to breakage. When you dye your hair bright blonde, odds are you would have to bleach it multiple times for the color to show. This in itself makes your hair prone to heat damage.

You can try air drying instead of using heating tools. If you really have to use heating tools, use them at the lowest levels, safest distance, and with heat protectant sprays.

Protect your hair from UV exposure.

Research shows that ultraviolet damage caused by sun exposure can lead to hair damage. It does so by damaging the outer layer of the hair strands, called the cuticle, and causing all sorts of issues, such as brittleness, discoloration, protein loss, and split ends among others.

We know it sounds daunting, but before you commit yourself to never going out in the daylight, do know that there are many steps you can take to protect your hair from sun damage.

For example, you can always wear a scarf around your hair or put on a hat or cap. More than that, there are many products on the market that specifically aim to protect hair from UV damage. After all, if you’re already wearing SPF for your skin, why not take that extra step and protect your hair too?

Can Anyone Go Blonde?

It is a common misconception that not everyone can look good with blonde hair. But in fact, anyone canit’s just a matter of understanding what type of blonde works for your skin tone, eye color, and your hair. Remember: one person’s shade of blonde may not be yours.

Apart from that, it’s also important to find out if your hair is healthy enough to go blonde. Remember that going blonde requires some level of bleaching, depending on how dark your hair is, so you have to know whether your hair can withstand it. If you feel like your hair is too fragile to undergo chemical treatments, you might want to take a step back and focus on getting your hair back in shape first.

It’s best to consult a professional before going blonde. This way, you not only ensure that you’re choosing the right shade of blonde, but also that it’s properly applied. After all, dyeing your hair bright blonde is no easy task. You’ll be killing any chances of permanent damage and saving yourself a ton of stress by visiting a trusty salon that cares about your hair’s health.

Dapper & Divine Hair Studio is ready to help you achieve any of the latest hair color trends, including that dreamy bright blonde. Our talented stylists look forward to working with you and giving you your best look.

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