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Embracing Gray Hair and Why It’s More than Just a Trend 

gray hair

gray hair

Embracing Gray Hair and Why It’s More than Just a Trend 

Seeing the first few strands of gray hair can make most people panic. The onset of gray hair used to compel many women to color their hair, with regular retouching every few weeks or so to hide the appearance of graying roots.

Gray hair used to be associated with advanced age, but over the past few years, it’s actually become a popular hair color trend. Also known as the “Granny Hair” trend, this hair coloring option is now an ideal avenue for women with prematurely graying hair to embrace their locks. More than just a trend, it has become a way for many women to come to terms with a natural process.

Moreover, it afforded women who have embraced their gray hair more freedom and peace of mind. Dyeing your hair can be a painstaking and costly process that involves repeated trips to the hairdresser’s. Women who have let their gray hair grow out found that they’ve had more time and energy to focus on other things.

Why Do We Get Gray Hair?

Why do we get gray hair in the first place? No, stress doesn’t cause your hair to ‘turn” gray—graying hair instead has something to do with hair follicles. As we age, our hair follicles start to produce less color. As your hair goes through its natural cycle of dying and regenerating, the likelihood of it becoming gray increases with age, typically starting after you hit 35 years old. Aside from age, genetics also plays a role in hair turning gray.

However, there are cases when gray hair can indicate an illness. These health problems include:

  •       Vitamin B12 deficiency
  •       Vitiligo
  •       Alopecia areata
  •       Tuberculosis sclerosis

Transitioning to Gray Hair

Transitioning to gray hair might be challenging for some, but for most, this natural process can be rewarding. It can even be more cost-effective in the long run, especially when you don’t have to deal with regular hair coloring sessions.

Transitioning to natural gray hair will involve some planning and it will take some time for your hair to become fully gray. While waiting for gray hair to grow out, you can begin the transition process with methods such as lowlights, highlights, and balayage.

Key to transitioning to fully gray hair is taking your natural hair color into account. If you’re excited to go full gray without using any hair coloring or using a root concealer, then the best thing to do is to cut your hair short and wait for it to regrow.

Caring for Gray Hair

As you age, the oil glands in your scalp start producing less sebum, which causes hair to have a coarser texture and look drier. When not looked after properly, gray hair can look rough and lifeless.

Fortunately, there are several methods to give graying hair some TLC:

  •       To prevent it from looking yellowish, invest in hair care products that have clarifying properties
  •       Use silver shampoo to add softness and shine while neutralizing yellow tones
  •       Use a hydrating mask to improve texture
  •       Add sun protection to your hair care routine, as gray hair can get easily damaged when exposed to the sun
  •       Be mindful when using heat to style your hair and try to keep the temperature within 350 degrees
  •       Avoid products with ingredients such as dimethicone, which can weigh your hair down
  •       Ask your stylist to recommend you an appropriate cut for your hair color to keep your gray hair looking fashionable

For hair that’s been dyed gray, here’s how you can keep your locks looking healthy, sleek, and beautifully gray:

  •       Since gray dye tends to fade fast, use shampoos that have a blue or purple tint to them
  •       Invest in hair care products that are designed for platinum or silver hair, such as purple shampoos and silver conditioner
  •       Avoid frequent shampooing to help retain the gray color longer—if it feels oily, try a dry shampoo instead
  •       If you can, refrain from using excessive heat when styling to minimize damage
  •       Wear clothes and makeup that complement your new hair color and make your gray hair look even more stunning

Nowadays, we’re starting to embrace the fact that gray hair doesn’t immediately equate to old age. With the gray hair trend starting a movement that enabled many women to love their natural selves more, it looks like the “Granny Hair” trend is here to stay.

At Dapper & Divine, we can style your hair in a way that helps soften your transition to gray hair. Whether you want to welcome a more natural look or want to stay on top of the latest hair trends, we’re here to help you find a solution for your crowning glory.

Call us today and find out how we can help you achieve your hair goals!

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