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Spring Hairstyles for 2020

Ready to sex up your look for the season? Of course, you are. But what’s hot, and what’s not? The following are spring hairstyles that are going to rock the next few months. So don’t get left behind—be the first to set the trend with the latest ‘do’ that’ll turn heads from the moment you leave the salon…

Cuts, Trends, and Spring Hairstyles

  •     Get the look: the ultimate spring hairstyles

Get the look: the ultimate spring hairstyles

      70s bangs: Step back in time with gorgeous, sweeping, curtain style bangs ‘a-la’ the 1970s. A flattering trend for all (and a great way to cope with growing out a style if you’re between looks).

      Pearly queens: Sure, you can use a hair clip that sports a few pearls. But we’re talking adorning them in your tresses. Braid them into your box braids or use a specialist hair adhesive to string them along your parting for an instant glammed-up style.

      The high pony: This timeless look never goes out of fashion, and can be achieved on all lengths of medium and long hair. Remember to use some product to get a fab shine and tame any flyaways…

      The Rachel: Yep, the Friends classic of the late 90s and early 00s is set to make a huge comeback this spring. Go for the hardcore style or speak to your stylist who can advise how to embrace the look in a more relaxed manner.

      Bob it, with a deep side parting: The bob is one of the most classic hairstyles of all time—not to mention versatile. This season’s trend is spicing it up with a deep side part, and you can even give yours a further twist with a cheeky 60s inspired upflick at the ends. 

      Beach bum waves: Forget the curling irons, it’s time to switch to teasing your locks into S-shaped waves using a flat iron. Simple to achieve and so, so sexy. Remember, this is about looking naturally tousled, so don’t go too big on achieving a polished finish.

      Asymmetry is king: No matter what the shape of your face, going asymmetrical is hugely flattering. From short styles to long, it works on all hair types and textures. Lob the hair from one side to the other for an effortless and scene-stealing vibe.

      Double tendrils: Frame your face with this gorgeous updo (check out Dua Lipa at the Grammys for a great example). The great thing about this style is it’s equally at home on curls and waves as it is on straight hair.

      Chin-length classic: From straight to dreads to waves, chin-length hair is cute and sassy. Add a fringe if you like, or a bit of a shag do, you can also add an extra twist with hairpins, scrunchies, or headbands.

And a Quick Word on Spring Hairstyle Color Trends

  •     Embrace your dark side

Embrace your dark side

The colors on trend this spring are definitely leaning towards a darker hue. Check out the following and be brave in your color choice (just remember to get colorwork carried out by a professional stylist).

      Chestnut brown

      Honey blonde

      Jet black



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