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How to get keep your blonde bright

How to Keep Your Blonde Bright

The gorgeous shimmer of blonde tresses is truly head-turning. But, as every blonde knows, maintaining this wonderful look can be super-challenging. We’re all well aware that blonde locks are at risk of becoming brassy, yellow, or dull.

No blonde babe wants this to happen. But how do you stop it? How do you easily prevent your gorgeous shade from turning into something nondescript?

Let’s delve into the science behind keeping your blonde as bright as the day you left the hair salon.

3 Vital Ways to Keep Your Blonde Shimmery Bright

  • How to keep your blonde bright: #1
  • How to keep your blonde bright: #2
  • How to keep your blonde bright: #3

How to keep your blonde bright: #1

OK, so the internet is full of home hacks of how to keep your blonde bright and sassy. From ketchup to beer, the online world never fails to keep misinformation alive. 

We’re far more interested in the science—and if you want kissably soft, gorgeous blondeness that lasts, then you should be too.

So, the first rule of being blonde is this:

Keep your hair in great condition!

This means that you need to:

  • Partner with a great hair salon that uses hair-kind products.
  • Get your hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks (yes, even if you’re growing it).
  • Stop mistreating your locks with constant straightening, curling, and hot blow-drying.
  • Use the best quality hair products you can afford.
  • Protect it from the sun (time to get funky with hats of all shapes and sizes)

How to keep your blonde bright #2

The second tip is about how and when you wash your hair. Constant lathering up is one of the key causes of blonde fade. Therefore, get used to washing your hair a bit less. Unless you’re swimming daily (pool or ocean) or getting really sweaty, does it really need to be done every day?

When you do wash your hair, be sure to do the following:

  • Use a color-safe shampoo and conditioner. Yep, they honestly do work.
  • Alternate your regular shampoo with a purple one. This will help counteract any brassy tones.
  • End your hair wash with a cool rinse. This flattens and closes the cuticles, helping to reduce fade. Plus, it also promotes a great shine…

How to keep your blonde bright #3

Use a styling shine spray. So simple but incredibly effective. If you’ve made every other effort to make your hair your crowning glory, then don’t forget to spritz as the finishing touch.

It can’t be over-emphasized how important it is to keep your hair in great condition. Lightening products are naturally a little harsh, so teaming up with a superb stylist (and listening to what they say!) is key to an ongoing gorgeous blonde. That way you won’t just have brightness for the first couple of weeks after a treatment, but it’ll shine through continually—and remain that way month after month after month…

Partner with Dapper & Divine to Ensure You Keep Your Blonde Bright and Beautiful

Dapper & Divine isn’t just one of the leading South Florida hair salons… We’re your perfect hair partner for everything to do with touchably beautiful locks. Our cutting-edge stylists utilize a combination of proven hair methods and the very latest trends to ensure that your crowning glory doesn’t only look the part, but that it benefits from being in the ultimate condition as well.

We know all too well that only healthy, glossy, happy hair will showcase the best blonde (and brunette, redhead, and every color in between).

Ready to get the hair of your dreams? Whatever shade you rock, head to to learn a bit more about us, and call today to book an appointment.

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