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How to Keep Your Hair Hydrated During the Summer

Summer is the most fun for most people, but it’s definitely not the most favorable for your hair. Aside from the harsh elements stripping your locks of much-needed moisture, the heat also triggers your scalp to produce more oil than usual, which can lead to irritation and dandruff. 

There are lots of reasons why your hair gets dry in the summer. Maybe you’re not wearing sunscreen or you’re not letting your hair dry naturally in the air. Maybe you don’t rinse your hair after swimming or maybe your hair products are not moisturizing enough. 

No matter what the culprit behind your dry summer hair, there are lots of tips for summer hair hydration. Here are some ways to help your strands retain moisture during this unforgiving season.

Protect Your Hair From UV Rays

Shielding your strands from the merciless heat of the sun is of paramount importance. Wear a hat or scarf, preferably one made of UV-shielding materials, whenever you’re out in the sun. Using heat protection products will also help— a heat protection spray will create a seal around your strands that will lock in the moisture even if you style in your usual way.

Use Moisturizing Shampoos

Your hair should have enough moisture and oil in order to survive the heat of the summer. Moisturizing shampoos will be of immense help for summer hair hydration. How you shampoo is also important—apply your shampoo to your fingers and then massage it into your scalp before you add water. Make sure that the shampoo gets to the roots of your hair and rinse it off well. 

Speaking of moisturizing shampoos, choose the ones that contain keratin, an ingredient that is very effective in getting rid of build-up in the hair without drying it too much. Also, keratin shampoos are proven to make strands stronger. If you already have dry, brittle hair, keratin shampoos can help rehabilitate your strands.

Use Leave-on Conditioners

When dealing with intense summer heat, you will discover that shampooing is not enough to retain hair moisture. Using leave-on conditioners will give your hair the nutrients it needs to survive against the heat. This is especially important for those with tight curl patterns.

Protect Your Hair Against Chlorine

Summer means more fun times in the pool and at the beach, but don’t forget to protect your hair against the harsh effects of chlorine and salt. Make sure to apply leave-on conditioner before you get in the water. Rinse your hair right away as soon as you get out. After your day at the beach or pool, wash your hair thoroughly with moisturizing shampoos, preferable keratin, to get rid of the chemicals and salt in your strands. 

Check the Ingredients

It can be tricky, but try to avoid ingredients that dry out your hair. When shopping for shampoos, conditioners, and other hair care products, avoid those with sulfates, parabens, and sodium chloride. You will do better with products that contain moisturizing elements, such as shea butter, aloe vera, and glycerin.

Choose Low-Ammonia Hair Color

We won’t dare suggest that you stop coloring your hair, but we would like to remind you of the damage it can do to your strands. A lot of hair color products can leave your strands dry, brittle, and more prone to damage. A good compromise is using hair color products that have low levels of ammonia, since these won’t strip your hair of its natural moisture. 

Treat Your Hair During Bedtime

Take advantage of the long hours of sleep by hydrating your strands before going to bed. Apply a light moisturizing oil or spritz to the ends of your hair. You can expect to have suppler and softer locks when you wake up in the morning.

Of course, you can never go wrong with bringing your hair to a multi-talented, multifaceted hair stylist to fix any damage to your strands. Experienced hair professionals at Dapper & Divine will not only fix your hair’s current problem but will also suggest long-term care solutions that will keep your hair always looking its best.

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