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How to Get That Perfect Salon-Quality Blowout



How to Get That Perfect Salon-Quality Blowout

Ever wonder why blowouts from salons produce a vastly different result than blow drying at home? Salon stylists may make it look easy, but getting that perfect blowout is much harder than it looks.

Follow our tips to get that beautiful, “just-stepped-out-of-the-salon” blow dried hair.

Perfect Blowout Pointers

  • Use the right shower products.

The perfect blowout starts with shampoo and conditioner. Different hair types require different formulations, so make sure you’re using products that are suited to your hair. The right shampoo and conditioner will impact the result of your blowout.

Remember that shampoos are meant to wash away dirt and excess oils from your scalp and roots. Conditioner, meanwhile, is meant to be applied on the middle and ends of your hair.

  • Remove excess moisture.

Don’t make the mistake of turning your blow dryer on at full blast immediately after stepping out of the shower. Your hair is at its most fragile when it’s wet; applying heat right after shampooing will only damage your hair.

Towel dry hair using a microfiber towel, as cotton towels might be too rough. You can also opt to let your hair air dry for bit, if you have time.

  • Use the right products and tools.

A big part of why Dapper & Divine’s blowouts turn out great is because we use the proper products and tools.

Use a wide-toothed comb, instead of a brush, to detangle your hair before drying. Apply a heat protectant on your hair to minimize heat damage. For brushing, we recommend a boar bristle brush to achieve smooth results. Note that the type of brush you use is also dependent on your hair type, but stylists prefer boar bristle brushes.

Finally, don’t forget your hairdryer attachments. They’re there for a reason, and that is to keep the hot air concentrated, preventing frizz. A good hairdryer with multiple attachments and heat settings will do wonders for your blowout. 

  • Rough dry your hair before sectioning.

After towel drying or air drying your hair, use your hairdryer minus the concentrator nozzle to rough dry your hair on medium heat. To do this, simply give your head a good, all-over dry while working your finger throughout your hair. 

  • Section hair and blow dry in parts.

When your hair is around 60 to 70 percent dry, attach the concentrator nozzle on your dryer and divide your hair into one-inch sections. It’s best to start from the front or the most visible parts of the hair. For perfect blowouts, drying front to back is the way to go.

Point your hairdryer downwards to avoid frizz and flyaway hair. This is why the nozzle attachment is important: it concentrates the hot air where you need it. Dry your hair from root to tip using low to medium heat setting. 

To achieve volume, lift your hair from the roots. Perhaps you’ve seen your hairstylist do this when you go to the salon for a professional blowout: use your brush to lift the hair from the roots, with the hairdryer always pointing in the direction in which you are brushing.

  • Finish off with cool air and hair cream.

Cool air seals the cuticle of the hair shaft, locking your hairstyle into place. Finally, smooth some finishing cream all over your new hairstyle to lock in moisture.


Some Reminders for that Perfect Blowout

Like all good things, a blowout that elevates your hairstyle takes time and effort. You won’t be able to achieve the perfect blowout if you rush through or skip some steps.

  • Apply hair product evenly.

Styling products should be applied evenly through your hair, not just at the top or visible sections. When applying oil, serum, or cream, you can section your hair and use your fingers from the middle to the ends of the hair shaft.

  • Heat protectant is a must.

Heat protectants shield your hair from damage caused by hot air. This is important especially in Florida’s hot and humid weather. Over time, heat can damage hair to a point where conditioner and moisturizing products won’t work anymore.

Heat protectants work by sealing the hair cuticle, thus forming a barrier against heat. If you have color-treated hair, all the more you should use a heat protectant. Direct heat from hairdryers can cause color to become brassy or fade.

  • Avoid high heat.

As we’ve established, hair + heat = damage. Blowouts are meant to give you a good hairstyle, not damaged hair. Avoid using the high heat settings on your dryer, especially if you have fine hair. 


Blowouts are not easy, but with skill and the right tools, a blowout can last for days. To ensure you get the best service, a professional blowout by a topnotch hairstylist from Dapper & Divine is a foolproof way to get that beautiful blowout you deserve.


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