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How To Choose The Right Haircut – Women

women’s haircut

Selecting the best haircut is possibly the most important conundrum of our outward appearance. We speak volumes with our hair, (no pun intended) not just to others, but to our own self-confidence because when we look good, we feel good! But with so many routes to go, and so many styles unseen, it can be stressful to decide which haircut will suit us best. One haircut may send a signal that you’re at the prime of your fashion sense, while another may say “help me.” With a bit of study, trial, and error, you’ll find that choosing the best women’s haircut is more fun than you may think.Haircut

Working With Texture

Just like when you’re building your skincare regimen and you have to figure out your skin type, your hair also has a combination of “types” that respond to hairstyle choices differently. The textures of hair typically fall under categories like coarse, straight, wavy, curly, or fine. Additionally, the climate around you generally produces another category for your hair, such as oily, dry, or limp. For Florida, the humidity alone can create an oily consistency to the hair or scalp, while New York tends to be on the dry side. The hair salon Boca Raton professional stylists know exactly how to deal with diverse hair compositions that can get in the way of creating your perfect look.

For women with curlier thicker hair, going with a shorter hairstyle may not be the most advantageous because it’s difficult to reduce the frizz at lower lengths. Similarly, bangs become hard to keep in check with coarser hair textures. Women with straight hair textures may have more ability to maneuver their style, but an appearance of flatness becomes a risk if the volume isn’t improved. Though shorter hairstyles are trending right now, longer haircuts can look wonderful depending on height. The shorter in height, the more likely you should steer clear of longer haircuts because they can make the face appear longer. For bangs it’s mostly a question of forehead size, however, if you find a hair salon Boca Raton based, you can surely experiment until you find bangs that fit your frame.

Calculating The Perfect Look

In recent years, many stylists have begun to understand the importance of angles when it comes to creating a great look, possibly because of the rise of selfies. But whether you’re posing for a picture or relaxing in the sun, the angle of your haircut in relation to your other beautiful features can create unique differences from style to style. In the world of fashion, where every small detail is under a microscope, some innovators pay extra attention to the jawline when figuring out if a short Hair Salon Boca Ratonhairstyle would be favorable over growing the hair out longer.

Renown U.K stylist John Frieda actually created a method for determining whether a women’s haircut would be better off styled short or long. To try out the technique, you’ll just need a ruler and a pencil. First, place the pencil beneath your chin, holding it in place horizontally. Then, place the ruler vertically beneath your ear, with the zero at your earlobe. Now, you’re looking for the measurement where the ruler and pencil intersect. If the amount is less than 2.25 inches, according to Frieda, you’ll look incredible with short hair. More than 2.25, and it’s recommended to go with a longer women’s haircut.

No matter which hairstyle fashion claims will be best for you, go with your instincts and don’t be afraid to try a new look. For scorching Florida heat, you’ll need a hair salon Boca Raton natives can rely on to combat frizziness or dry scalp. If you’re not positive which look to go with, ask your stylist if they can suggest some directions to try out. You never know when you’re about to stumble on your next classic look for years.

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