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Haircut & Style Options For Men

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Dapper & Divine is a Salon in Boca Raton that can do the same styles and cuts as a barber shop. They have barbers that specifically work within the salon. Men are in a different area of the salon than the women. This gives men the opportunity to go to the same place as their wife and kids while still being able to escape and feel immersed in a luxury barbershop ambiance.

Now before you head over to get your haircut you should know what specific cut and style you want. An even better alternative is finding a photo of a hairstyle you want and showing your barber! This will greatly simplify how you want your hair to turn out and for the results to be at the tee!

Second thing to keep in mind is not every haircut will work with every head or hair type. Ask your barber at the salon what cuts and styles will best suit you if you are unsure! They have vast experience and can offer you recommendations!


Know let’s get into the different mens haircuts that you could possibly get!


1. Buzz cut which is exactly what it sounds like, your hair is buzzed short, it is also known as a military cut. You can go with a short buzz cut (blade #0-1) or a long buzz cut (blade #4 or longer)!

2. Crew cut is a mens haircut where the sides of the hair is shorter and the middle of your hair is longer.

3. Ivey league cut is very similar look to the crew cut except the hair is left a little longer on the sides and middle.

4. Business man or peak look is very similar to the Ivey league cut except it is even longer. Usually the middle of the hair will be about two inches in length and tend to flip to the side.

5. Caesar cut is when the top of the hair is slightly longer than the rest of the hair. Your hair is cut, fringed on top of your forehead and then brushed downward.

6. The fade is when there is a very short taper that fades into the skin. You can ask for a high or low fade.

7. Square haircut involves cutting one straight line across the hair. It is pretty much cut evenly throughout the whole hair.

8. Long side swept is for men with much longer hair. The hair is parted to one side and then layers can be added to the hair to make it look more flowy.

9. Long slick back is another look for men with longer hair. Your hair is slicked back and a barber at a salon can teach you how to style your hair properly.

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Long Buzz Cut

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Business Man Cut

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Ivey League Cut

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The Fade

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The Caesar Cut








Dapper & Divine is a barber shop in Boca Raton that can do all these haircuts and more for men. Each haircut comes with a complimentary ear, nose,

and eyebrow trim! Come in to Boca Raton’s best barber shop and walk out happy and pleased with your hair!

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