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What Are Lash Extensions?

lash extensions near me

lash extensions near me

What Are Lash Extensions?

A saying goes that one’s eyelashes are the “perfect pair of curtains” for your eyes, which, in turn, are referred to as the windows to your soul. But not all women are endowed with long and thick lashes. 

This has fueled the obsession over mascara, eyeliner, and other eye makeup that can take skill and plenty of time to apply. Thanks to eyelash extensions, you can forego this part of your beauty routine and still face the world with fluttering lashes.

Types of Eyelash Extensions 

What are lash extensions? They’re a semi-permanent way of getting longer-looking eyelashes. Unlike false ones made of a strip of lashes, lash extensions are individual fibers made of synthetic acrylic, silk, or mink. 

  • Acrylic lashes are 0.20 millimeters thick or more. They produce the most dramatic effect due to their coarse and heavy texture but shinier appearance compared to silk or mink lash extensions. 
  • Silk lashes are made of polybutylene-terephthalate, a synthetic fiber, not actual silk. They’re medium-weight and softer compared to acrylic lashes, but their curl isn’t as uniform. Moreover, their ends aren’t as tapered as their mink counterparts. They’re a common choice among women who want to project a natural look for their weddings and other special occasions.
  • Mink lashes come from mink fur. They’re lightweight and fluffy but can be quite pricey. Their texture is also the closest to human eyelashes. However, you might have to look for a different type of extension lashes if you’re sensitive to animal fur. Faux-mink lashes imitate the real fur, although they’re glossier than silk lashes. 

Sable and fox fur lash extensions are also available but not as common as the first three. Sable lashes are thinner than mink lashes, making them the finest of all the materials. Meanwhile, fox fur lashes come in a reddish tone with black tips or dyed ombre style.

Application Process 

Aestheticians and lash technicians place a synthetic lash dabbed in adhesive onto your natural lash and hold it for several seconds for the glue to bond. One extension is normally applied to each natural eyelash. They repeat the same process one lash at a time until they’ve attached 40 to 100 extensions per eye. Your eyes are closed during the whole procedure. 

The lash extensions can last for up to a month, shedding as your natural lashes do.

Lash Extension Prep 

  • Before going to a lash salon, research about the different curls, thickness, and length of lash extensions.  

There are about a dozen curl types, and salons might not offer all. Each type of curl is identified by a letter that represents the curl’s appearance. The J lash has the least amount of curl. Meanwhile, the C lash is the closest to the natural curled lash of most people.

Your natural lashes can usually support lash extensions up to 20% longer than its own length. Extensions measuring 10 to 12 millimeters provide a natural look, while longer ones produce a more dramatic effect. Meanwhile, the most commonly applied extensions are 0.15 millimeters thick or lighter, as heavier ones can damage your natural lashes.

  • Decide on the look you want.

Take a photo of the person whose lashes you want to copy. You can also browse online to save images of the lashes you like, which you can then show to your stylist.

  • Avoid wearing waterproof mascara and having facials before the procedure.

Stop using waterproof mascara 3 days before your appointment to eliminate the chance of residue. Without residue, the adhesive can do its job properly—bonding the eyelash extension to your natural lashes.

Schedule facial treatments—massage, steam, or cleansing—48 hours before or after your appointment to prevent any oil from staying on your face. 

  • Plan your post-lash extension job sked.

Your extensions have to stay dry for 48 hours after application. So be sure that you won’t be working out, swimming, or doing anything in the next two days that will cause you to wash your eyes or face.

  • Don’t wear any makeup and contact lenses when you go to the salon.

Come with a freshly cleaned face, including clean and dry lashes. The area around your eyes should be dry and cleared of any oil-based makeup remover to allow the extensions’ adhesive to work as they should. 

Moreover, don’t curl your lashes before your appointment. If you wear contact lenses, use eyeglasses during the procedure. The contact solution might wet your lash extensions, which will disrupt the drying process of the adhesive.

  • Come on time and use the washroom before the procedure.

The procedure may require you to lie down for 1-2 hours with no bathroom breaks in between. Avoid taking caffeine or anything that might make your stomach queasy at least 3 hours before your appointment. 

Helping You Highlight Your Eyes

If you’re within easy reach of Boca Raton, your search for “lash extensions near me” is over with Dapper & Divine Ladies’ Lash Studio. You can get customized lashes to achieve hassle-free, perpetually refreshed-looking eyes. 

For inquiries regarding the best lash extension procedure for you, contact the Dapper & Divine team. Book an appointment now to get the perfect lashes. See you soon!

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