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July 22, 2021
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Upcoming Summer Hair Trends
August 20, 2021
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Upcoming Summer Hair Trends

Summer hair trends

Summer hair trends

Upcoming Summer Hair Trends

The previous year saw most of us playing hairstylists. We cut our own bangs, styled our own hair, and even experimented with DIY hair colors. With businesses almost back to normal this year, we can finally sprint to our favorite salons and have professional stylists do our hair. Now’s the time to get that amazing summer ’do you weren’t able to get last year.

So, what hair trends should we look forward to this summer? Here are the hottest trends for summer 2021 that would make you look sizzling hot.

8 of the Coolest Hairstyles this Summer

Curtain Bangs

Want an easy makeover without that big chop? Get some curtain bangs that frame your face really nicely. This fringe style accentuates the cheekbones and highlights your best features. During the hot days of summer, it gives your face a bit of coverage when you put your hair up.

This hairstyle never goes out of trend due to its versatility. You can cut the fringes shorter starting near the eyes or a bit longer near the jawline. They’re also quite easy to style and maintain. Plus, if you don’t like how it turns out, you can quickly grow it out or just pin it back.

Blunt bob

If you’re looking for a more structured hairdo after a year of DIY shaggy cuts, ask your stylist to give you a blunt bob. This hairstyle is best done by a pro to achieve that precise sleek and uniform length with blunt thick lines. Depending on the texture and density of your hair, you can have it cut at jaw length or a bit longer. Turn it into a blunt-ended lob if you don’t fancy a cut that’s too short.


Chill and easygoing. Exude this style with a modern take of the mullet. Uber popular in the ’80s, this hairstyle goes back in trend every now and then, including this summer. The mullet looks best the shaggier you make it, but you can also have soft waves with it to frame your face nicely.

Modern Shag

Think of this like a grown-out mullet. It’s shaggy yet longer than the ’80s style. The tons of layers create a flattering look as they embrace the natural texture of your hair. It works great with curls and can be styled in loose waves for a sexier look.

Curly Shag

Seems like the shag is the most popular hair trend this summer with different takes on it worn by celebrities and fashionistas. The curly shag is the voluminous type of the shag. It’s perfect for those with curly hair as it highlights the curls and natural waves. Its cascading layers allow the natural texture of your hair to shine while freeing it from dulling weight.

New Pixie

Short hair is always popular during summer. But the new pixie cut isn’t just your typical ultra-cropped hairstyle. Now you can have a pixie in different lengths, different styles, and different colors. You can add bangs, make flirty short cuts with flare, and vary the length to highlight your face. You can make it look sexy, fierce, or classy. It’s really a great ’do to express your unique personality.

Buzz Cut

Up for something even shorter than a pixie? Grab the buzz cut look from Zoe Kravitz, Ruth Bell, Katy Perry, and Adwoa Aboah. Heck, even Cate Blanchett beautifully slays this look. With its super short, almost shaved-off style, the buzz cut is one of the easiest styles to maintain. Make it your own by playing with different colors and patterns.

Asymmetric Bob

Not ready to go super short but want something edgy? Try the asymmetric bob. This style usually features a cut that is shorter in length in the back and longer in the front. But you can make it a tad edgier by keeping the lengths on either side different. This adds more dimension and texture to your hair.

Colors Make Summer ’Dos More Exciting

Whichever hairstyle you choose, experiment with colors for a bolder and more daring look. Sunshine blonde will always be a summer favorite, but warmer reddish tones are also trendy. Go light with strawberry blonde, a bit darker with summer auburn, or fiery gambit red. Get some money-piece highlights that add a pop of color here and there. For the best results, go to professional stylists who can help you decide the most flattering hairstyle and color for you. For some inspiration, check out some styles from the Dapper & Divine Hair Studio.

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