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The Difference Between Purple & Blue Shampoo

Purple shampoo

Blue shampoo… Purple shampoo… Both pretty similar colors, right? For those with highlights you might well have come across these, loving the promise that each extols for keeping those tones pure and beautiful, warding off those dreaded brassy, orange, or yellow hues. 

But what’s the difference between the blue and the purple option?

Quite a lot, actually—and if you want to ensure that the carefully created look remains salon-delicious for as long as possible, then it’s vital to use the right one for your particular needs. 

But which one should you choose?  That’s the 64-million dollar question!

Back To School

OK… So to determine which is right for your hair we need to understand a little bit about color profiling. Cast your mind back to those days in art class and the color wheel that shows the relationships between all colors in the spectrum. On this wheel, we can see that the opposite color to orange is blue and purple opposes yellow.

Now, your natural hair color will have a warm primary tone—orange for brunettes and yellow for blondes. So, by looking at the facts it becomes clear that the shampoo we need to use is the one that’s the opposite color of natural warm tones of your hair. 

In short:

  • Blue shampoo is for brunettes
  • Purple shampoo is for blondes

It doesn’t matter a lot how light you’ve gone, it’s all down to the natural color of your hair.

How Does It Work?

Let’s consider blue shampoo first. When highlights are applied to brown hair the procedure uses cool blue tones to lift the color. But over time the stresses of styling, the sun, washing, chlorine, and more gradually degrade this, exposing the natural warm orange tones—in other words, those unwanted brassy shades begin to peek through.

Using blue shampoo helps combat this, preserving the hair color for around 6-8 weeks (as long as it’s used regularly).

For blondes, purple shampoo is the way to go. Once again, day-to-day routines strip back the color, causing an increase in the natural yellow tones. Regular use of the shampoo can help neutralize these, correcting the pigments and keeping your hair platinum blonde for longer. It’s also great on gray and silver hair too.

How Often Should You Use Them?

You don’t need to use them for every wash—once or twice a week should suffice, or perhaps every other wash. However, there are some out there who swear by using them all the time and even add in a complementary conditioner. It’s down to a combination of personal choice and, as with anything to do with your hair, some pro tips from your hairstylist.

For anyone who colors their hair and wants to extend its longevity (and, let’s face it, who doesn’t?), then using such a shampoo could be the answer. The best advice for using these special shampoos is from the professionals, such as that given by the experts at boutique hair salon Dapper & Divine. The go-to studio for style-conscious Boca Raton residents, not only will they work the color magic of your dreams, but they’ll also provide essential tips to ensure your tones remain in perfect condition between treatments. 

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