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Keep Your Hair Happy And Healthy All Summer Long

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When talking about the circle of life, many think of nature’s way of taking and giving back life to earth. However, there is also a circle of life for your hair. The average life cycle of new strands of Hair Care Boca Ratonhair typically is between 2 to 7 years, and we lose up to 80 strands of hair every day. Each hair follicle grows independently of the surrounding strands, and the new strands grow in successive cycles before they eventually fall out. We categorize the life cycle of hair into 3 cycles: anagen, catagen, and telogen.

-Anagen refers to the period in which our hair is actively growing. In this phase, a hair fiber is produced as a result of the hair bulb being regenerated. The anagen phase can last anywhere from 1 to 4 years, and our hair grows about 1 centimeter every month.

-The next phase in the life cycle of the hair is the catagen phase, which is sometimes called the transitional phase. In this phase, the follicle retracts from the scalp which stops the hair from growing. The catagen phase generally lasts 2 to 3 weeks before moving into the telogen phase.

-Lastly, there is the telogen phase which is the final phase in your hair’s life cycle. Although the hair is not growing, it stays connected to the follicle for 3 months. Once the 3 months have passed, your hair falls out which leads to a new anagen phase. Each hair on your head is in a different stage because if they were all growing on the same phase we would have months of being bald waiting for hair to grow.

The three phases of the life cycle of hair are all very important, each with their own purpose. However, there are other uncontrollable factors that may have a negative effect on your hair which can limit any of the phases. With this being said, it is important to know how to protect your hair from these factors.

Why You Should Protect Your Hair

Your hair is one of the first things that people recognize you by, so it is important to protect your hair from whatever comes its way. There are several ways in which your hair may become damaged, so it is crucial to know what can cause damage. The first ways in which you can damage your hair deal with trying to change your hair’s. Many individuals bleach their hair prior to coloring to get vibrant colors to show, while others bleach their hair to get a blonde tint. Bleaching your hair may get the coloring to stand out, but it also does a lot of damage to the strength of Hair Treatment Boca Ratonyour hair. When you bleach your hair you are changing your hair’s structure which makes it more susceptible to damage. You may also experience damage if you are constantly coloring your hair to hide roots or gray hair. Using highlights and coloring changes the inner structure of the hair causing a dry and dull look.

Trying to change the color of your hair is not the only way you can damage your hair. Serious damage can also come from using a flat iron and blow dryer too frequently. The heat causes your hair to hold together by temporarily changing the hydrogen bonds which gives your hair a dull looking color. This damage only comes if you use your flat iron or blow dryer on a daily basis. Damage may also be caused by over brushing or over washing your hair. Many are under the impression that you should stroke your hair 100 times with a brush a day, but that ends up damaging the hair as well. Brushing your hair this frequently creates too much friction causing tangles and split ends. Over washing your hair results in washing away your hair’s natural moisture. Removing your hair’s natural moisture makes your hair look very dry and dull which is not the look you are trying to have.

How to Protect Your Hair

Now that we have gone over many of the ways in which your hair may experience damage, what can you do to protect it? The first way to protect your hair is by creating a monthly schedule on how often you will wash your hair with shampoo. It is suggested that you wash your hair every 2-3 days to keep the natural oils on your scalp. If you are struggling to keep your hair straight, it can be easily fixed by getting a keratin treatment in Boca Raton. Having a good keratin treatment can even shorten your blow dry time by up to 60%. If split ends are of big concern, you can simply put a little conditioner on the ends of your hair. Doing so may make your hair a little greasy, but it will minimize the chances of getting split ends. It is also important to regularly clean your hairbrush to prevent to remove unwanted oils from being spread throughout your hair. In order to get maximum hair care in Boca Raton, you can come into Dapper & Divine to shop for our natural products. Whether it’s argan oil, coconut oil, or castor oil we have the products to keep your hair looking sharp. Lastly, in order to get healthy hair, it is important to eat healthy foods and drink a lot of water. Eating the correct foods increases hair growth and prevents hair loss. Meanwhile, staying hydrated allows your hair to shine and really stand out.

Why You Need To Stop By Dapper & Divine

At Dapper & Divine, we hold our staff to the highest standards, which is why we are considered the best hair treatment studio in Boca Raton. We thrive on hospitality, craftsmanship, and giving each client exactly the style they have dreamed of. Sit back, relax, and tell us what you’re looking for, or put yourself in our hands and let us show you a brand-new style that is destined to impress everyone. At Dapper & Divine, we want to make sure you leave every time feeling brand new. We also have a satisfaction guarantee, so if you are unhappy with your results we ask that you inform us immediately so we can do whatever we can to help style your hair to your liking. If you don’t want to take our word for our amazing barber shop, come into our store located in Boca Raton or call us at (561) 376-1251 so we can help with your latest style!

keratin treatment boca raton

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