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How to Style Men’s Long Hair

male hair stylists

male hair stylists

Previously only seen with rock stars and surfers, the long-haired-man subculture is gaining traction. Men with long locks are now commonplace in professional settings.

Are You Thinking of Growing Your Hair?

Regardless of the length, the best hairstyle for you is the one that compliments your hair’s natural texture. If you’re trying to grow your hair to a specific style, you need a decent cut and style from a professional hairstylist. Go to a salon and look for male hair stylists. You’d want an expert from a men’s hair salon to help you because any inconsistencies in the cut will show and make the upkeep bothersome and time-consuming.

What Style Suits Men’s Long Hair?


A ponytail is a quick and straightforward hairstyle to arrange long hair for in-between days, when doing errands, or when busy at work. You can let a few strands fall on your face to soften the look. Style the ponytail by adding a bit of serum to your hair to ensure optimum shine. For a slightly tousled look, loosely pull your hair straight back.

Half Down Half Up

The half down half up men’s haircut is all about layering and structure. Tie a section of your hair behind your neck and let the rest fall naturally. If your mane is longer than shoulder length, tie the upper half together with the middle part of your crown. The half down half up style works well with a beard.

Long Undercut

Try an undercut if you want to give your long hair a new look. Shaving the sides and back of your hair creates a stunning contrast with your cascading locks. You can highlight your undercut with a ponytail, man bun, or topknot for formal occasions.

Man Bun

A man bun can be tricky to master. But, if you do it right, it can enhance and compliment whatever outfit you wear. Your hair length will dictate how high or low your bun is. For the best result, aim just below the crown of your head. Use your fingers to tie your hair back, leaving some roots to show a relaxed look. If you have a defined facial bone structure, you can wear your bun as sleek as you like. Otherwise, a looser bun is generally more pleasing.


Long hair allows you to experiment with different unique hairstyles such as dreadlocks. Although the style is not for everyone, it is an excellent alternative for guys who want to stand out from the crowd. Whether knotted or twisted, dreadlocks are chic, eye-catching, and trendy. Like the man bun, it’s the style that can effortlessly enhance your look. Just keep in mind that maintaining this hairstyle requires effort and dedication.

Side and Back

Men with thick, flowing hair will be able to pull off this style with ease. Wash and towel dry your hair. Apply your favorite hair product. Run your fingers through your locks without combing and you’re good to go. The idea is to create a side part at the hairline and shift most of your hair to one side.

Long Afros

Long afros are bold, dramatic, and striking. There are tons of Afro hairstyles for both men and women, but the longer one is ideal for the latter. Voluminous afros give a calm, relaxed vibe. It’s also a great way of highlighting your hair’s natural texture and volume.

How to Care for Men’s Long Hair

Let’s get one thing straight: if you’re into long hair because you don’t like getting frequent haircuts, then you’re gravely mistaken. When left unkempt, long hair can quickly turn unruly, greasy, and unmanageable. Here are tips on how to maintain healthy, long locks.

Starting to grow your hair long requires only one thing: a great deal of patience. You can’t rush the process as much as you want to. You just have to wait. The trick is to keep the ends healthy while waiting. Go to your male hair stylist regularly to trim it to avoid split ends.

Make sure to use the right grooming tools and products. Visit a men’s hair salon and look for quality combs and hairbrushes that suit the texture of your hair. If you frequently put your hair into a ponytail or man bun, use cloth-coated hair bands rather than the rubber ones that can damage your hair strands.

Wash and dry your hair with precision. Use both shampoo and conditioner regularly. Preferably use products specific for men. Shake off the excess water after showering. Towel-dry your hair in the direction that it naturally grows. Make sure to do it as gently as possible.

Need a Professional to Style Men’s Hair?

Our expert male hair stylists at Dapper and Divine Studio can help you get and maintain the hairstyle of your choice. For more information about our service, visit our website.

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