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How Often Should You Cut Your Hair

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Many of us are guilty of going too long between haircuts. But how long is too long? Six weeks? Eight weeks? Three months? The thing is, there’s no single answer to the question—it depends on several factors.

So let’s take a look at what these are, and how to make sure that you go the optimum amount of time between snips to ensure your tresses remain the beautiful crowning glory they truly deserve to be.

For Those With Short Hair

Well, you’re probably going to be visiting your hair salon more often than most, because, as you’re likely well aware, it doesn’t take long before that chic style becomes a little, well, unruly… Don’t be surprised if you need a trim every four to six weeks, with perhaps the ability to eke it out to eight weeks if your hair grows really slowly.

Medium Hair Babes

This depends on whether you want to keep your hair the same length or have extended ambitions. If it’s the former then bowing to your stylist’s scissors every six to eight weeks should suffice. If you dream of longer locks, then get it trimmed every eight to 12 weeks.

Long Flowing Locks

When you consider that hair grows about half an inch every four weeks, you can appreciate that the ends of very long tresses are, in the world of hair, somewhat geriatric. Because of that, it’s fragile—likely to be thinner than new-growth, prone to breakage, and those dreaded split ends. If highlights or color has been applied this is even more likely.

Long hair should have the ends nipped off by your stylist at least every eight to 12 weeks to ensure the longevity of the strands, strength, and that your hair remains healthy from the roots to the tips.

Colored And Treated Hair

Whether its highlights, straightening, balayage, ombre, or a perm, such treatments necessitate the use of chemicals. These are not friends to your tresses and necessitate increased regular trims to keep the hair healthy. Speak to your stylist as to your individual needs, which could vary from anything between every four weeks to up to 12 weeks between trims.

Growing Out A Style

One of the hardest things known to man (and woman), regular trims are essential when growing out your hair. Keeping the ends trimmed and healthy guards against breakage and split ends, maximizing growth potential and keeping your look chic as you go.

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For anyone lucky enough to live within traveling distance of this leading hair salon, once visited you’ll never again trust stylists from any other outlet with the care of your crowning glory.

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