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Hair Color Trends for 2023 – Our Top Picks

Hair Color Trends for 2023: Our Top Picks

If you’re like most people, you’re probably already thinking about what hair color trends will be popular in the year 2023. After all, a new year is a great time to try out a new look!

If you’re looking to change up your look for the new year, we’ve got you covered. Here are the top seven hair color trends 2023 that are certain to make you look fresh and fabulous.

Rose Gold 

2023 is all about adding a soft, romantic touch to your hair color. Rose gold is a great hue to create a subtle and dreamy look. The great thing about this shade is that it looks amazing on any skin tone or hair type, so you can rock this look in whatever way you choose.


Whether you believe it or not, blondes are making a comeback in 2023. From ash blondes, golden blondes to platinum blondes, there are so many different shades to choose from. You can go for a full-on blonde look or choose to add some warm highlights for definition and dimension.


Balayage is a highlighting technique that’s used to create a natural-looking, sun-kissed effect. From the French meaning “to sweep,” this technique involves hand-painting small sections of hair with a hair lightener or color and then sweeping it out with a brush to create a gradated effect. Balayage is a great option for anyone who wants low-maintenance highlights that look natural and effortless. 


The ombre look is a versatile but dramatic look, characterized by darker roots that gradually lighten towards the ends. It can be done with any two colors, but some of the most popular combinations include black and silver, black and blonde, and brown and blonde. Ombre is best for anyone who wants low-maintenance highlights with subtle tones that look natural. Additionally, it’s great if you want to switch up your style without committing to a permanent hair color.

Pastel Colors

If you’re seeking a fun and playful way to experiment with your look, pastel colors are the way to go. They offer a subtle yet bold way to make a statement. Think candy pink, sky blue, and lavender—the possibilities are endless when it comes to experimenting with pastel hues. What’s more is that these shades look gorgeous on most hair types and skin tones, so you can more easily find the right shade for you.

Ginger Red

Red is the color of confidence and passion, making it the perfect shade to stand out in 2023. Ginger red is a great option for those who want to add some warmth and vibrancy to their look. Plus, it’s flattering on any skin tone or hair type and style, so you can rock this trend your own way.

Jet Black

Inspired by the Gothic and punk subcultures, this trend is all about embracing your dark side. If you’ve ever wanted to try out an edgy look and add a sense of mystery to your look, jet black is the most suitable option. It works with any hairstyle and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Tips to Remember When Coloring Your Hair

With all these hair color trends 2023 has to offer, it’s helpful to remember that the most critical part of changing your hair color is taking care of it. Hair coloring can be damaging, so make sure to do the following to ensure your hair looks its best:

  • Use a deep conditioning treatment after each coloring session. This will help keep your hair hydrated and healthy.
  • Avoid washing your hair too often. Washing your color-treated hair too often can strip away the color and make it look dull.
  • Always use high-quality hair color products. Keeping your hair fresh and vibrant for as long as possible will help you keep it looking great.
  • Regularly trim your ends. Coloring your hair can cause split ends, so make sure to get your hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks.
  • Get regular color touch-ups. To maintain your desired look, it’s wise to get your hair colored every 4-6 weeks. This way, your color will stay fresh and vibrant.
  • Choose the right hair colorist for you. A professional hair colorist can be the difference between a stylish look and a disaster. So, take the time to research and find the right one for your hair coloring needs.

Color Your Way

No matter what you choose, hair color trends 2023 are all about expressing yourself and having fun with your look. So, feel free to mix and match the different trends or come up with something unique!

If you’re thinking about changing up your look, be sure to visit Dapper & Divine Studio. Our expert stylists will help you find the perfect hair color look that suits your style and personality. To book an appointment, contact us today.

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