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Best Fall Hair Color For The Changing Season

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Did you know that each season seems to have a hair color that suits it best?! This is because skin tones tend to get paler in colder months and darker in warmer months. In colder months light hair can begin to wash out your complexion if your skin tends to get paler. Darker hair tends to look better with pale complexions. And in warmer months lighter hair seems to look better with tanned skin. By changing your hair color you will be able to maintain the contrast between your skin and your hair. Also changing your hair color with seasons will make you look more trendy and fashionable. Particularly, since Fall just began the best Fall hair colors for a woman to experiment with are rich, darker shades. The most popular colors of hair in Fall are red and copper!

Season Hair Color Recommendations

  • Spring (March – May): Brighten up your hair color by adding lighter tones to your hair. If your hair color is dark brown add some lighter colors like caramel or bronze. Redheads should add some copper hues. Light brown brunettes and blondes should go even lighter than usual
  • Summer (June – August): Brighten up your hair color by adding golden highlights to your hair. You could even add sun-kissed tips or make your hair ombre blonde. Lighter hair will bring out your tan skin
  • Fall (September – November): Darken your hair color a bit. Red and copper are the most popular hair colors in this season
  • Winter (December – February): Go to the dark side and choose a color like black. Although going this dark is not for everyone. If it is not then just dye your hair a couple shades darker than your current hair color

Let the changing seasons inspire you to change your hair color! Make sure to ask your hair color salon specialist what hair color tones will go best with your complexion! Some people cannot go all the way light or dark but can still lighten or darken their hair to a certain degree. You do not have to make drastic changes to your hair but adding some amount of color or highlight each season will help your complexion glow.

Why Dye Your Hair

Dying your hair is like a makeover! It can be really fun. This gives you the chance to let your hair bring out your personality and lets you experiment with your looks. From personal experience hair color salonevery time I get my hair colored I feel a boost of confidence and feel like a new me! It is a known fact that changing your hair color can make you feel like a new person and boost your confidence. Just like how clothes and makeup do.

You can dye your hair with natural colors or be a bit spontaneous and choose bright fun colors. I would not recommend dying your hair bright fun colors if you are trying to find a job or if you attend a school that does not allow you to do this. But if you are able to and have thought about doing it, then do it! you only live once and hair grows back. You could also always change your hair again if you get tired of it. Also if you have been thinking about it but feel as though your going to get judged by other people. Do not let people discourage you from wanting to dye your hair it is a way for you to express yourself and have fun! I believe being able to self-express yourself when it comes to clothes, makeup and hair is what brings you happiness. So do not hold back from dying your hair!

Color Services Dapper and Divine Offers

  • Single Process
  • Organic SP
  • SP Roots-End
  • Face Frame HL
  • Partial Highlight
  • Full Head HL
  • Balayage/Ombre

The Benefits Of Getting Your Hair Professionally Colored Vs At-Home Hair Color

It is highly recommended when dying your hair that a professional does it if you want the best color results. Doing your hair at home could cause serious damage to your hair or your hair color could turn out to be a mess. Especially when lightening hair because most lighteners have bleach and if not used probably could cause your hair serious breakage. Also if you do not tone your hair hair salon in Boca Ratonproperly after you bleach it, it could turn your hair into a ridiculous, bright yellow color that is not attractive. Hairdressers at Salons have gone to school and had training on how to properly dye hair. They know how long to keep the dye in, which and how much toner to use and other tricks when coloring your hair.

Also, dying hair takes skill and even though hair grows back. If you damage your hair too much trying to dye it at home. You may not be able to get your hair looking nice again for a long time. Hairdressers can also offer you other unique coloring options that can give your hair depth, highlights or an ombre effect. These are very difficult to learn and takes experience. Trying to do these options at home could also be catastrophic. This is why it is so important that you have a professional hairdresser do your hair. Leave your hair in a professional’s hands to give you the best hair color results.

Why You Should Come To Dapper and Divine

Dapper and Divine is a top-end hair salon in Boca Raton. Their hairdressers are known for giving exceptional service when it comes to you and your hair needs. The hairdressers at Dapper and Divine will offer you hair coloring ideas when you are considering dying your hair. They will also help you choose the right hair color that complements your complexion. The hair color Boca Raton specialists at Dapper and Divine are very knowledgeable when it comes to hair trends and what hair colors fit best with certain skin tones. Dapper and Divine want to help you express yourself through your hair color and style. Get a consultation today at Dapper and Divine if you are ready to dye your hair this Fall!

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